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You can make every piece of D.A.Lewis furniture your own. All of our furniture can be customised to suit your needs and style - height, comfort, finish and fabric, can be tailor-made to your inspiration. Most of our sofa models come as a chair, 2, 2.5 and 3 seater, some as 3.5 seaters, corner suites and chaises. All have the opportunity to be upholstered in a choice of 1000's of fabrics and leathers. Our designs are born of the very best influences from NZ and around the world. Quality and value are the hallmarks of D.A.Lewis - and always will be.

It takes talented artisans to bring ideas to life, and we’ve been committed to exceptional craftsmanship since our founding in 1946. It can take over a dozen craftspeople to make a single piece of D.A.Lewis furniture and our artisans are among the finest in their trade. They thrive in our culture of creativity and excellence.

They are entrenched in the history of uncompromised craftsmanship that has spaned over 75 years at D.A.Lewis. We are defined by our quality, craftsmanship, service, environmental and social responsibility and like a fine wine, D.A.Lewis has only improved with age. Artisan quality furniture you won’t  find just anywhere. Impeccably tailored for you, by hand, by master craftsmen who love what they do.

With dozens of different finishes, plus 1000's of beautiful fabrics and leathers, combined with the complimentary assistance of our interior design consultants, you can create the look that's individually yours. Unique, high quality, tailored to your taste, your instruction, your detail, your personal style. A special piece crafted exclusively for you.  Sometimes custom is the only way to get exactly what you want.

Contemporary D.A.Lewis looks are fresh and current, designed for comfort and all models are customisable.  Every piece of our furniture passes through the hands of pure artisans, from the designer, frame maker, cutter, sewer, upholsterer and finisher - every step is handled with extraordinary care, attention to detail, and pride.


TORINO -Plush cushioning and soft armrests make this a perfect choice for a modern style.

VERVE - Architecturally inspired - we offer you the embodiment o modern elegance..

DEXTER - Choose from endless
upholstery options for this sleek, contemporary sofa

BRONSON - A timeless rolled-arm favourite
looking fresh in leather or fabric



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